Master Your Relationships


2024/04/20 10:00:00

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20th-21st April 2024 


1500 ron



Price for couple

2500 ron

Master Your Relationships Workshop

Are you in a perfect relationship with yourself? With your partner?
Do you have a fulfilling relationship with your family members, friends, and collogues?
Do you communicate clearly with others and understand people? Do you give them excuses for their behaviors and actions?

Most of the time when our relationships don’t work, we tend to blame others for not being the way we want them to be, expecting them to do things for us without even asking them what we want! Then we feel disappointed, angry, sad, frustrated and hurt.

Unconsciously we go through life looking for happiness and love outside of us. As children, we seek approval and love from our parents, then later on we seek it from our teachers and friends. Then we start looking for a partner who will love us and make us happy!
Which is not directly obvious is that you need to love yourself and be responsible of your own happiness for you to be able to receive it from others!

Once you accept and understand the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, you will become the master of your own life. Simply, actions causes reactions, you reap what you sow. You have to assume the responsibility of your words, actions and behaviors which they will either support you in having the relationship you want or not!

Our life consists of six major areas: Career, Family, Relationships, Spirituality, Health & Fitness, as well as Personal Growth & Development. Depending on the reasons that you have, you might attend to one area more than the others. However, having good relationships have a direct link to boosting the other areas in our life.

Every day we create and re-create our relationships and have more choices than we think we have. The better we understand ourselves, beliefs and values, as well as our partners’, the more satisfying and fulfilling the relationship we create.

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    What will you learn

    Neuro Linguistic Programming (how to use the language of your mind to achieve your goals)

    Empowerment: Cause >Effect (the equation of everything in our life, at cause side of the equation you have results and at the effect side you have reasons)

    Perception is Projection (basis of empowerment, by taking responsibility of our thoughts and projections)

    Anchoring (a process of stimulus response)

    Values (understanding what is important to you in the context of relationship)

    Your Focus creates Your Future (are you focusing on what you want or what you don’t want?)

    Responsibility of Change (if you want to change something in your life, you are the only one responsible to make that change happen)

    NLP Communication Model (explains how we take information from the outside world into our neurology, and how that affects our state, physiology, behavior and results)

    Beliefs (how they affect our relationships)

    Strategies (attraction, recognizing attraction and deep love strategy)


    After this seminar you will:

    • How to create a satisfying, fulfilling relationship
    • How to communicate so your message is understood
    • Overcome the barriers and obstacles that are preventing you from being in a fulfilling relationship
    • Understanding your beliefs and values and whether they are blocking you from having the relationship that you desire
    • Discovering your strategies as well as your partner’s for being in a relationship
    • Improve your relationships with people around you
    • Discovering aspects in your personality you weren’t aware about before
    • Ignite the spark again between you and your partner
    • Master your relationships and be the difference that makes a difference

    My story

    Keep doing what you are doing, you keep getting what you are getting”, was what I kept telling people around me when they were complaining about situations not working in their life.
    Later I realized that I was a hypocrite, I wasn’t applying what I was proudly preaching.
    That was one of the wake up calls that I have received until I really chose to wake up and get out of my comfort zone.
    I am Lebanese, living in Romania for 25 years. I am a mum of 4 amazing children besides the many labels that I identify with.
    As far as I can remember, I considered myself a lucky person. This belief regarding luck shifted when I realized that it isn’t about luck, it is whether you are paying attention to the opportunities that you have in your life, or your focus and mind is buried in your problems.
    I considered and still consider that I was offered what every girl and later as a women would like to have in life.
    I lived my life as a typical house wife and mum. Nothing triggered in me a desire to do something only for me. I didn’t consider getting a job or pursuing a career, even though I have a university degree. I used to think, “ Why should I? I have what I want”, equating work only with money. Yet, I used to have a void feeling, a feeling of emptiness, that I am capable of doing much more in my life, than just attending to the needs of my family that I adore.

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    I used to feel that I am meant to be and do much more in my life, but didn’t know what exactly, until my life turned upside down, and faced the biggest challenge in my life.
    Being a person seeing the cup half full, I stayed in denial that something wasn’t working in my life for more than 5 years.
    Still I wasn’t willing to get out of comfort zone, until the pain was unbearable. Only then I had to step out of it and the problem exploded in my face.
    My relationship was mostly affected, and I was 100% dependent on my partner for everything. I felt lost, unstable, insecure, helpless and hopeless!
    At that time also, I was emotionally dependent on others. My happiness and well-being was dependent on exterior factors only.
    My world the way I knew it was shaken.

    I have been working on myself for more than a decade, through readings and researches for my personal development and growth, but all those answer only some of the questions that I used to have, yet raising more questions and curiosity that remained unfulfilled.

    Until I had the opportunity to get introduced to the magic of NLP. And a new chapter of my life started, not even that, I discovered a potential in me which allowed me to fill this void that I used to feel.

    I attended my first NLP course, not even knowing exactly what NLP is about and what it does.
    I discovered that we project everything that happens in our life, whether we like it or not, and it is in our hands to change all of that. That we are able to transform our life by just changing the way we think and definitely by taking action.
    I just became a better version of myself. I realized that each and every one of us is unique in a beautiful way. That each one of us has the potential and the resources to improve their life, with the appropriate guidance, if they really want to.
    And the most important realization that I had is that what has happened in my life, happened for a reason and this reason is to become the person that I am today.
    During the course I set a goal for myself to become a NLP trainer, I wanted to reach as many people as possible to assist them transform their life the way I did, to become emotionally independent the way I became, to empower them to Master their life the way I did.

    I am so grateful and glad for what has happened in my life, for out of this challenge that I have projected in my life, I saw an opportunity to find my life purpose which is to assist people and empower them to transform and master their lives.

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