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NLP Practitioner Beirut

The main requisite for success in NLP is to have an attitude of curiosity, desire to learn, and eagerness to transform.

2020/02/09 09:00:00

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09.02.2020 – 15.02.2020


Markazia Suites, Syria Street.


Lina Zebian



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What is NLP Practitioner?

This course is an empowering course which will enable you to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions, resulting in enhanced and faster achievement of your goals in all areas of your life. It will allow you to discover your true potential and access your resources that you didn’t think you had. In other words, it will unlock doors for you, you thought they will never open.

This 7-day intensive course covers four international certifications that will help you in transforming your life. No pre-requisites needed.

The certificates are accredited by the American Board of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy® Association.

This course is addressed to:

  • Those who are in search for personal growth and development.
  • Parents who want to reach and understand their children more.
  • Teachers and trainers who want to support their students and clients in achieving their outcomes.
  • Managers and business people who want to enhance their communication skills, increase their performance, and influence others in a win/win situation.
  • Couples
  • Just anyone who wants to control his/her life.

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Teddy Roosevelt

One of the presuppositions of NLP is that “people have all the Resources to succeed, what they need is to access those resources”.

The main reason I became a NLP Trainer because I really care in assisting people transform their lives so they can overcome the limitations that themselves and the society enforced on them.

I believe in empowering people, so they can realize the limitless choices they have to achieve whatever they want in their life.

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    What will happen after NLP Practitioner

    After taking the NLP Practitioner you will have a clear vision of your future as well as you will become more focused on your goals and outcomes.

    You will develop excellence in whatever you do. Not only your life will change, you will also have a positive influence on everyone you are in contact with, whether family members, in your relationships as well as in your career, in a win/win situation.

    What Will You Learn

    Keys to an Achievable Outcome

    In order to achieve what you want, you have to know what you want, as well as the reason for wanting it, for that makes the difference.

    By adopting the Keys to an achievable outcome, will allow you successfully and consistently reach your goals.

    Presuppositions in language

    How to recognize the assumptions in the other person’s speech.

    Sensory Acuity

    People make minute changes from moment to moment, and those changes have meanings if you have sensory acuity. In the context of NLP, sensory acuity refers to our ability to use our senses to make accurate  observation about ourselves or other people.


    Submodalities are how we encode and give meaning to our Internal Representations.

    In NLP, submodalities are considered as quick fixes. They assist the client to change the meaning of the experience inside their head. The techniques include: Contrastive Analysis, Mapping Across, Swish Pattern, Dissociative Techniques and Perceptual Positions.

    Hierarchy of ideas

    Language can be either abstract or specific. Learning Hierarchy of ideas or chunking will allow you to transit your thinking smoothly from abstract to specific and vice versa. For the more flexible you can move up and down the levels of abstraction, the more successful you can be in dealing with people and events in your life.

    Milton model

    Milton Model is hypnotic language patterns designed to produce trance. It is a series of abstract language patterns, which are “artfully vague” so the client creates new connections and associations as to what the meaning of the words you are using.

    Meta model

    The Meta Model is a set of  specific questions designed to discover the deeper structure of the problem that the client presents you with, which is usually unconscious.


    What really empower us, is our ability to control our state and emotions. Anchoring is one of the techniques used in NLP that helps us do this. Anchoring will help you in accessing past positive states and relate to them in the present.


    A strategy is any internal or external set of experiences which consistently produces specific outcome. It is what  you do in your mind in the process of doing something. Everything we do involves a strategy. So, if a strategy is working, we adopt it, if not we change it. It is useful in modelling successful people by discovering their strategy and installing it in ourselves.


    Reframing is essentially about changing the meaning or the context of a presenting problem. It helps in shifting your thinking from the level you are to a higher logical level.

    NLP Model of Therapy

    NLP model of therapy is the order and sequence of the NLP techniques you will be using which  you will assist you in “what to do when”, when a client presents you with a problem.

    Parts integration

    It is a technique in NLP used to resolve inner conflicts at the unconscious level. Confusion, indecision, inner conflicts, those patterns and unwanted states and behaviors that complicate our lives and can leave us feeling helpless and restless. Parts integration helps you become decisive, clear minded and aligned with yourself.

    And much more…

    About Certification Trainings

    Eliminating Negative Emotions and Limiting Decisions

    Time Line Therapy® is a process of active imagination, created by Tad James in 1985, and is a registered trade mark. It helps the client get rid of the major negative emotions, anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. As well as limiting decisions that disempower people and hinders them from performing at their full potential.

    Getting rid of Phobias

    Phobia is a severe, unwanted response of fear regarding some person or event in the past. Often the result of an early traumatic, highly associated experience.

    Creating your Future®

    You will learn how to write a S.M.A.R.T. goal, and insert it in your future time line, which will allow you to achieve it.

    • History of Hypnosis
    • Indirect inductions. (Milton Erikson)
    • Pendulum
    • NLP Coaching
    • NLP Coaching Cycle

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