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You will have the opportunity to make everlasting friends who speak your mind language

2022/02/12 10:00:00

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12.02.2022 – 25.02.2022




Lina Zebian



For registration a payment of minimum 600€ is required

What is NLP Master Practitioner?

The NLP Master Practioner is about mastering your NLP skills. You will deepen your knowledge of NLP through an advanced set of tools and techniques. You will be introduced to presentation and modelling techniques, which are the core of NLP.

You will master yourself and your life, thus leading to a happy, prosperous life style, where you will have the ability to create the future you desire.

This course is addressed to anyone who has NLP Practitioner Certification and wants to develop, enhance and enrich his/her NLP skills.

What will happen after NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Practitioner is about acquiring the information, while the NLP Master Practitioner is about developing the critical thinking where you will be able to filter the information. You will integrate your NLP skills and move them toward the level of unconscious competence. You will leave with the ability to recognize the structure of communication you receive, by being aware of the pattern behind the content.

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    What Will You Learn

    Quantum Linguistic

    Which covers Presuppositions, Hierarchy of Ideas, Modal Operators, Prepositions and Prime Concerns.

    You will learn how to use language with precision and volition and discover your deep unconscious unmet needs.

    Basic Meta Programs

    Meta Programs are part of our filters, the most unconscious filters. They direct our decisions, behaviors, actions and interactions with others. By discovering a person’s Meta Programs you will be able to predict a person’s behavior and actions based on his/her thought process, without interfering in his/her personal life.

    Complex Meta Programs

    Complex Meta Programs are the interaction between basic meta programs and values. They help you better understand yourself and others as well as they give you an opportunity to improve and transform.


    Values are what is important to us, they create our motivation, before we do anything. They are how we decide whether our actions are right or wrong. They also determine our behavior based on what we do with our time.

    You will learn distinguish between values that support you and those that do not, and how to change them, so they will support your personal development and growth.

    You will learn how to discover values that are in conflict with each other, and eliminate them.

    You will learn the Evolution of Values and the Values Levels and why people behave the way they do.

    Parts Integration

    It is a technique in NLP used to resolve inner conflicts at the unconscious level. Confusion, indecision, inner conflicts, those patterns and unwanted states and behaviors that complicate our lives and can leave us feeling helpless and restless. Parts integration helps you become decisive, clear minded and aligned with yourself.

    Advanced Strategies

    You will learn how to elicit, change  and install  strategies, formally and informally.

    Presentation Skills

    You will learn how to design a presentation that attracts your audience.


    You will learn some of the modelling skills that are only taught at the level of TOT.

    Advanced Submodalities

    You will learn how to make lasting change using hardwired neurological drivers.

    Sleight of Mouth

    Sleight of Mouth is a reframing process, which will allow you to answer any objection you are given in 16 different ways.

    About Certification Trainings

    • Regression Techniques using TLT®
    • Drop Down Through
    • Pain Paradigm
    • Relationship Paradigm
    • Healing Paradigm
    • Taking a Detailed Personal History
    • Logical Levels of Therapy

    You will learn three different techniques in hypnosis:

    • Permissive (Erikson)
    • Authoritarian (Estabrooks)
    • Combination of both (Elman)

    As well as how to use the Pendulum to communicate with your Unconscious Mind.

    This Master NLP certification training meets the standards of the ABNLP and ABNLP Coaching Division and is approved and endorsed by the Time Line Therapy® Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Therefore, your certification has worldwide recognition.

    • Example for restructuring questions for business
    • Example of personal strength assessment for clients
    • The effective checklist
    • The internal drive
    • When client needs reframing
    • Coaching according to Values Levels
    • The NLP Coaching cycle

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