“The NLP training course designed by Master Your Life is loaded with information that changes how you see the world and interact with people for a better and more fruitful life. The trainer Lina Zebian puts her heart in every word she says, making you enjoy every minute you spend on that chair in that small hotel room for eight days and just open up for learning. This would not be possible without her passion. Would it be? If your unconscious mind believes turtles fly, they eventually will and float with you above your time line. That’s right. This is my belief now. Let us see how things will go from here. Surely, they will go right.”

Rouba Taouk

“I would like to tell you how grateful I am that I was a part of this course, I really learned a lot.
It took me time to take this action… all the years before I was seeing myself as a powerful, strong and positive woman.
You, as a trainer, showed me the difference, you showed me the emotional blockage that I was suffering from.
I personally found you to be a highly professional and competent trainer, with huge knowledge and particular way to help your students attain high standards of effectiveness.
Each step and techniques was explored in details and tested by all of us as. We build on towards achieving the full picture which incorporates all the various aspects of training.
Lina, thank you again, I am so incredibly glad I did it with you and with the most amazing team.”

Nariman Baddour


“It’s a life time change indeed , Nlp helps remove the fog and enjoy the ride from inside out, so we will deeply understand and appreciate who we are, and we will see the truly exquisite person that lives within, with Lina’s passion and uniqueness you will experience this “MAGIC” ”

Hind Hilal


“I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend a NLP Practitioner certification course with Master your life.it was an outstanding learning experience.
Since training ,I have so many more valuable resources and effective techniques to launch my life to a new level, opening many more doors with new opportunities .The training was really Inspiring and empowering – Lina is great teacher . I recommend this course to everyone who is looking to better themselves and/or others.”

Sola Tohme Freije


“NLP Practitioner is a life changing for me and the people around me. It made me control my attitude and emotions. Working as a group helped me master the techniques to achieve my desires and get rid of my unwanted states. This course remould the way I think positively. It is a real translation of how to master your life.”

Wedian Rabah – NLP Practitioner


“Lina’s passion for for the course material is outstanding. Learned so much and had so much fun. Wonderful experience.”

Sally Sarieddine – NLP Practitioner


“In July I participated in Master Your Life Practitioner level training where I got introduced to quite  interesting techniques that I can effectively incorporate in my career as a Clinical Psychologist to help my  clients in dealing with their issues. In fact, some of the techniques that we practiced during the training  were transformative and efficacious on personal level.”

Manoug Ibitian – NLP Practitioner


“Being overwhelmed is a natural part of our life, we need to control our  emotions and explore the inner language of our mind. After taking the NLP Practitioner course, I found  myself fully equipped with all the techniques needed to be aware and change any bad emotional state. As a  result, I am living now more enjoyable and meaningful life.”

Khaled Ajouz – NLP Practitioner


“هذا الكورس ساعدني كثيراً في تصحيح طريقة تفكيري وأعطاني الوسائل والأدوات اللازمة لحل الصعوبات التي أمر بها جذرياً.
ساعدني في حل مشاكل أولادي وكل من حولي ، والجميل أنني وزوجي حضرنا الكورس سوياً ، كان ذلك شيئاً رائعاً ساعدنا على زيادة التفهم فيما بيننا مما قادنا لتناغم فكري أكبر.
ببساطة أصبحنا نفكر بذات اللغة.”

Hosna Yassine – NLP Practitioner


“I have spent 15 unforgettable days studying the master practitioner course with Lina Zebian. During this period, I have mastered the NLP skills in a whole new way. Every NLP technique I have learned before became much more effective and powerful. I have enjoyed the most rewarding activities that I have ever  experienced.And above all, I have made amazing friendships with unforgettable people who will remain in my life forever !! ”

Nisreen Abi Faraj – Master NLP Practitioner


“NLP master practitioner training was a huge shift for my self-actualization, given the balance I learned to retain between heart and mind. It is not easy to let intuition take over our fears, but now I am totally confident than ever before that NLP master practitioner training has enlightened me to do just that. It has given me the inner power that I feel I needed to give back to people around me, always through positive, intelligent, and worthwhile communication.

NLP world like the red pill and the blue pill in the Matrix. Once you choose to take it you can’t go back.”

Nisreen Rabah – Master NLP Practitioner


“Knowing and dealing with your unconscious mind is the starting point that you know nothing. This is what we learned and applied in the Master Practitioner course, an unforgettable experience to model our excellence with Master Your Life.

It is a new horizon that everyone would love to explore through letting go of all the negative emotions, overcoming all burdens and creating own desired future.”

Nada Khaddage Soboh – Master NLP Practitioner


“Taking the NLP course with the superb coach Lina Zebian has been a turning point in my adult life. In fact, it has taught me the importance of taking initiatives and being at the cause part of the equation. Further more, it has shown me how strongly my decisions and actions can influence my environment. And, most importantly, it has lead me to embrace my past experiences in order be more confident and propell myself further in the future. For all these reasons and many more I took the NLP master course in October. The master course experience made me discover new abilities and capacities I never knew I had, and it made me realize the magnitude of the impact this awareness can have on my life and the life of those around me. It
was indeed one intensive, profound, and unprecedented journey within ourselves and with one another. Thank you Lina!”

Jad Ismail – Master NLP Practitioner


“In the Master Practitioner Course, I learnt that saying: the conscious mind is the goal setter, and the unconscious mind is the goal getter.
After 2 intensive courses with Mrs Lina Zebian, I finally master my mind and life more efficiently, facing and getting rid of all my built-in doubts and fears.
My unconscious mind is out there to get for me whatever I am setting for myself consciously.
There is now for me a Before and After NLP a genuine psycho-spiritual experience!”

Assil Rabah – Master NLP Practitioner

“The best workshop ever attended! It helped me not only to overcome my problems but also to understand the lesson behind them and invest them in a way to improve my future. Moreover it fills my life with positive vibes. After attending this workshop, I find myself able to help others in dealing with their problems.”
Lea Debian
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